First Help Training & Surviving, provides certified First Aid training programs, based on international relevant publications and emergency care protocols. Our programs are properly designed to appeal to individuals, business employees, health professionals, etc., leading to internationally recognized training certificates.

In our company, we aim to harmonize the pleasant education with the acquisition of meaningful and proper knowledge! We respond to key questions, bust “urban myths”, fill in the incomplete knowledge about the subject of First Aid Provision and create confidence for the participants, to deal with everyday incidents! Our goal is the certified training of both individuals and first-aid professionals, ensuring high quality knowledge and modern educational facilities.


“Get Trained – Get Licensed – Get Going”


International Recognition Of Educational Programs

First Help Training & Surviving, as a recognized and certified First Aid Training Company, provides Internationally Recognized Certificates, issued by Rescue Training International. Official member of
the “Association Of Healthcare Trainers”, in G. Britain and an official partner of the European Maritime Training Center. Finally, by the certification of ABS Academy, can conduct training of the highest level.

First Aid training programs follow the rescue protocols applied by healthcare professionals. They are fully adapted to the latest international scientific publications on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including all valid first aid techniques for adult children and infants. As a result, these educational programs are constantly growing in demand.

The instructors of the company, have the appropriate experience and knowledge to fully meet the demands of both Geek and international market. Thanks to the excellent training of the instructors, even the most demanding educational needs can be covered.


Training Courses

First Aid

Suitable for a wide range of people, starting from everyday person, parent or teacher, up to health professionals, security companies etc. This training object is applicable to daily accidents / diseases, from minor injuries to a cardiac arrest. The training includes a theoretical presentation, conducted with modern audiovisual material and, of course, practical training – evaluation, on training mannequins.

First Aid at Work

Approved First Aid Training, specifically adapted to the working environment. Completely suitable for employers and / or business employees, with special training programs, designed for both high-risk work environments and lower risk as well (e.g. office space). The training includes a theoretical presentation, conducted with modern audiovisual material and, of course, practical training – evaluation, on training mannequins.


  • Ballistic Trauma Course
  • Sea Survival Training
  • CBRN Incident Course
  • Self protection – Self defense courses
  • Escaping from a hostile environment
  • Fire Prevention – Fire Fighting Course

Recognition/Approval Of Training Programs

  • Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance (CY) Κ.Δ.Π. 198/2009
  • • Department of Labor Inspection (ΤΕΕ
  • Federation of First Aid Training Organizations (GB), Adult First Aid Training.
  • Federation of First Aid Training Organizations (GB), Paediatric First Aid
  • British Resuscitation Council (CPR – AED).
  • Satisfies the NCMA requirement for the Paediatric First Aid First Aid training.
  • First Aid Industry Body (GB) – First Aid at Work & Emergency First Aid at Work